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Mesin Kopi Espresso Saeco SPIDEM VILLA

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Harga : Rp 11.000.000 Rp 9.000.000

Simple, but stylish, the Spidem Villa will have you conjuring up fabulous espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and all of your favorite coffeehouse drinks with the touch of finger. All this by just pressing a button? Absolutely! Just add your favorite coffee beans to the hopper and fresh water to the reservoir. The Spidem Villa is easy to operate; all you need are three buttons and one dial for the Villa to bring you a wonderful, cup of rich espresso.

Start up begins with pressing the coffee button on the control panel. The automatic coffee grinder starts grinding to your specifications and transfers the fresh grounds to the built-in brewing system where your coffee or espresso is brewed at the right temperature, volume and strength, just like you programmed it from the control panel. Whether you use it at home or in a small office, the Spidem Villa will give you years of excellent, reliable service.

Do you wish to make a latte, cappuccino, or cafe mocha? The Spidem Villa makes the production of milk based coffee drinks a snap thanks to its enhanced Saeco Rapid Steam System. This feature allows for instantaneous switching between espresso and milk steaming functions without any delay. The Saeco frothing tip ensures that even a novice can look like a pro in minutes!

The convenient features on this model allow you to make either espresso drinks or rich regular coffee with the push of a button. With the Spidem Villa you can determine coffee strength and ounces to be brewed per cup, chose between espresso and coffee, adjust the built-in coffee grinder for fine tuning your espresso or coffee and more. Special features include a swivel base for better access to the side and back of the machine, accessories for maintaining your new Saeco machine, detailed care and maintenance instructions included.

Completely Automatic Espresso & Coffee Brewing
The Saeco Spidem Villa brewing system does it all with a simple-to-use control panel. Strength and volume of your coffee or espresso is controlled with a dial. Other controls include three buttons; one for power, another for brewing and a third for hot water. Push the brew button and the machine takes the newly ground coffee beans from the internal coffee grinder and correctly tamps and conditions the coffee. Next comes “pre-infusion” where the grounds are pre-soaked, then brewed before being discarded automatically into the internal dump box.

Make Lattes, Cappuccino, and Cafe Mochas “Rapid-Steam” Technology
The Saeco Spidem Villa is equipped with a steam wand and milk-frothing tip that insures loads of foam for lattes and cappuccino with little or no effort on your part. You can also remove the frothing tip and use the standard steam wand if you prefer to have more control over the consistency of the foam. The steam wand is conveniently located and swivels to accommodate frothing pitchers ranging from 12 oz. to 20 oz. in size.

Within 10 seconds of turning on the steam knob, the Spidem Villa will be steaming at full power, and continue to produce steam as long as the water tank is full thanks to its advanced continuous steam boiler. As soon as the steam function is turned off, you can brew espresso or coffee without the normal cool down requirement common with other machines.

Instant Hot Water
The Spidem Villa is equipped with an instant hot water feature; by turning the steam/hot water knob on the right side of the machine, hot water will dispense from the steam wand. Use this feature for tea, Americano, and pre-warming or rinsing your cup.

Make Fresh Brewed Coffee By The Cup
The Saeco Spidem Villa not only makes espresso, but it excels at making rich coffee at the press of a button. Fully automated machines like this make what is called Cafe Creme and it is often referred to as Swiss brewed coffee for the country that made it popular. Here’s the difference. Espresso uses a finer ground bean to create a dense pack that restricts the water flow through the grounds, hence the very strong, intense flavor. It also takes a little longer to brew, anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds for 1.5 ounces.

For a Cafe Creme, (or crema coffee) a courser ground is needed, a simple adjustment on this great machine. This coarser ground allows for more water to pass through faster, resulting in a frothy layer of coffee that floats on the top, the crema. Aromatic and rich, it is not as intense a coffee as the espresso but equally delicious.

Pre-Infusion System
To optimize the flavor extraction, a special program step injects a little hot water into the freshly ground coffee, in order to soak it and let it swell up. This is done just before the actual brew cycle commences. This feature increases the flavor and aroma of the coffee during the brewing process.

Professional Quality Coffee Grinder
Proper grinding is at the core of excellent coffee production. The Spidem Villa has a built-in, conical type burr grinder, the same type used by the professionals. Pushing the brew button sets the cycle in motion with the grinder measuring out the correct amount of beans for the selection made and then grinding it to specifications.

Conical burr grinders are made up of a cone shaped grinding wheel that turns slow enough not to burn the coffee beans, (a problem with low cost grinders). The heavy-duty steel of the grinding wheel promotes a life of long service and that’s strong enough to resist damage from the little stones that sometimes slip in with the beans. This durable construction is consistent with top quality machines and little or no maintenance or service is needed.

Adjustable Coffee Dosing System
The Spidem Villa features the ability to adjust the amount of ground coffee the machine uses each time the coffee brew button is pushed. Inside the bean hopper you will find a knob that will allow you to adjust it from 6 grams (- sign) to 9 grams (+ sign) to change the strength of the coffee. The larger the dose, the stronger the coffee will be. The ability to control the coffee dosage combined with the ability to control the volume of water for each cup yields a lot of coffee brewing flexibility.

Built-in 57 Ounce Water Tank
The water reservoir can easily be refilled while it is still on the machine or by removing it with the easy-grip handle and filling it at the kitchen tap. The reservoir is made of clear ABS plastic so checking the water level is a breeze.

For Perfect Coffee Extraction – a Powerful Pump
Delivering a maximum pressure of 15 bars, this on board water pump pulls the maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Storage and Internal Grounds Waist Box
Keeping 12 oz. of beans fresh and ready for grinding is the built in, lidded coffee bean hopper. When the coffee grounds are spent, the machine delivers them to the internal dump box, which can hold up to 20 expended coffee portions. It’s easy to remove and clean.

Heavy Duty Heating System
One of the reasons the Spidem Villa is great for home or office use, is its durable 1250 watt boiler. It provides for continuous use or a lot of servings over a short time period.

Adjustable Beverage Dispensing Nozzle
This coffee dispensing nozzle moves up or down to accept cup sizes up to 4 inches high.

Removable Cup Tray & Drip Pan
Made of durable matching, this removable cup tray and plastic drip pan pull out easily for clean up in the sink..

Operational Lights and Indicators
The Spidem Villa uses a system of sensors and lights to help you monitor the brewing process and signal when the machine needs to be re-supplied with water or coffee beans.

Swivel Base
Getting into your espresso machine for cleaning and maintenance is important for the long life of your machine. The swivel base makes it easy to access all sides of your machine to remove the water tank and open the side service door. This feature eliminates the need to move or pick up your machine.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Components
In order to keep the inside of your machine healthy, it must be periodically cleaned. Scale buildup from naturally occurring minerals in your water can build up on sensitive components like the inside of the boiler, which left unchecked can cause considerable damage to the machine. By descaling your machine every two-three months, your machine will be trouble-free for years. Saeco espresso machine cleaner can be purchased from us or by calling the support number in your user guide.

Descaling and general cleaning is important even if you have a sophisticated water filter system, and especially if you use well water. The dump box, drip tray and water tank need regular cleansing with dish soap and warm water.

Used coffee grounds are collected in the grounds dump box, which can hold up to 20 spent portions of coffee before emptying is required, and a message will appear on screen to let you know it needs to be emptied. Waste water left over from the rinsing cycles is stored in removable drip tray that simply pulls out from the machine and reinserts in seconds. All components such as the used grounds container, drip tray, and water tank can be hand washed with regular soap and water.

Removable Internal Brew System Cleanup Is Easy
The patented removable internal brewing system (brew group) has been tested millions of times throughout the world. It only takes a simple gesture for it to be quickly and easily removed from the machine and cleaned. Just rinse it under running water to remove all traces of dirt and coffee residues, which when left inside the machine, change the flavor of the coffee and interfere with the correct functioning of the brew group. In this way, the quality of the finest espresso never alters.

Installation & Accessories
Plug it in and the Villa is ready to go. No fuss, no muss, no special plumbing for water intake or discharge and no special electrical outlets are required. Detailed instructions on the optimum care and operation of your machine are included with the purchase along with a brewing group maintenance tool and a coffee grinder cleaning brush.

Service & Support
All Saeco products are offered with an unlimited toll free technical support service. If you have any questions or need help, just call us at the number provided in your help guide.

The Saeco Spidem Villa includes a cleaning brush for the coffee grinder, a brew group maintenance tool, and detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your machine, and an instructional video.